MobiDB Database Designer

MobiDB Database Designer is a general-purpose relational database app for business users with multi-user access and synchronization. It is able to store any type of information: inventory, invoices, project management, deliveries, orders, locations, etc. It is able to store any type of information: from common DVD collections to specific professional or business data. What MobiDB Database Designer can do? It's able to design databases that will address users' specific needs, with multiple tables and complex relations, calculated values, export of the filled in database to CSV or PDF and then sharing it to external apps or just printing in hard copy. Easily design databases Designing custom libraries is easy in the convenient designer. Just drag and drop fields (string, integer, checkbox, e-mail, date, picture) on to the form and locate them in a way that will make the entry readable. Conveniently manage entries MobiDB Database Designer Lite enables users to view the records as a table or as a separate card which provides more information, such as extended text notes, pictures and photos. Table view is highly customization - it's possible to change columns width and order, sort and filter the entries. Helpful for many users MobiDB Database Designer Lite is the perfect way to keep track of personal data: belongings, orders delivery, fishing spots, travels and trips, expenses and any other item you want to list. Due to the flexibility and availability of various field types, the app can be used virtually by anyone: from a young mother who tracks how her baby grows to a scientist who needs to keep specific records The created libraries can be exported for further use on other Android devices or in some other external systems.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 7.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 4.1 and up