SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

With point-and-click ease enable users of different skill levels to create insightful and engaging dashboards from any data source. The resulting data visualizations-including maps, charts, and gauges-present critical business key performance indicators (KPIs) within stunning, consumable dashboard views. What-if analysis functionality helps extend current data relationships for predictive study and forecasting. With SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, you can improve: Performance monitoring - Consolidate multiple reports and data from various locations into a single dashboard. Decision making - View corporate data in an understandable format. Predictive modeling - See the impact of your decisions immediately with what-if scenarios based on real-time data. Information management - Use the tools you already have to make information available to everyone. Easy data access - When used with SAP Crystal Server software, the "Query Panel" accesses data through the Universe semantic layer, making it easy to integrate live data into your dashboard. Insight sharing - With the SAP Crystal Dashboard Viewing option, you can share critical information with named users. The SAP Crystal Dashboard Design, starter package, includes ten named user viewing option licenses. You can purchase additional SAP Crystal Dashboard Viewing option licenses, up to 100 named users.
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Operating System Windows Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows XP Windows 2003