Idbasol Light Version

Idbasolutions allows easy navigation to many corners of the Oracle database such as sessions information, database wait conditions, finding objects and so on. Displaying hard clear data, and no complicated hard to read charts. Cost: Similar database navigation products from other vendors usually cost up to thousands of dollars as opposed to our product which cost as little as $29 up to $89. Navigate Sessions: Lookup a session by OS PID: On a large system when you know from Unix top or windows task manager the OS process that is currently hammering the system, it would be a lot faster to just look that session up by querying that OS PID and quickly see the associated SQL, execution plan and other important data vital to a swift resolution. Navigate SQL: Navigate history of high cost SQLs, map a given database object to SQL's referencing that object, or drill down to SQL from session, with detail execution path and convenient lookup object from the execution path window. Navigate Locks. Navigate Invalid Objects: Describe tables. EBusiness module: idbasolutions optional EBusiness module allows you to navigate currently running concurrent programs and map them to a database session ID, requestor name and corresponding SQL and explain plan. Most other similar products do not offer an interface into Oracle EBusiness. Navigate Waits. Navigate Storage. Navigate DBMS job. Swift investigation and resolution: Another important point is the way all this is presented to the user which allows quick navigations from table to indexes to DDL, or from object to session and into the SQL, locks and the execution plan. Other products often display overwhelming sometime un-necessary amount of data and confusing charts as opposed to idbasolutions, which displays just enough for swift investigation and resolution.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 111.33 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7
System Requirements None