************** FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA ONLY ******************* Other states in Australia will be available soon, please email us. The Second-Hand Vehicle Dealers Program, saving you costly time in handwriting each and every document you need to sell a vehicle. This program can save you time and money in replacing the MTA forms that are costing you over hundreds of dollars each year. Full details of the program visit our website. www.secondhandvehicledealers.com In addition... you will have a complete database of your vehicles, you can print out "floor Plan" of the current stock, you will be able to print Schedules to put the Form 1 Display copies in the vehicle windows to comply with the Consumer of Business Affairs at a click of a button. Simple access to Print or VIEW relevant Forms or contracts. All you do is when you have the vehicle listed, click on any of the buttons to view or and print out the forms. All the information such as the "Business details" and the "new owner" and or "previous owner" will all show where necessary on the paperwork, minimising the handwriting. All these forms comply with the Government of South Australia Consumer of Business Affairs^ ^as per the consumer of business affairs website form samples as at March 2011. where forms do change we will ammend where possible, updates at no charge. There is an initial Cost for the use of the program and a further cost every six months. There is discount scheme available for sucessful referals and the terms and conditions can be found at our website. FREE 7 Day trial.
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