Smarty GymBox is a Gym/health club membership management system that is easy to use. This software suit enables the user to manage its members thereby storing their details.It helps keep records of Gym members: their activities,memberships,calculate their BMI's,generate various reports,id cards, payment receipts and workout schedules for them.It also easy communication between the members and the gym staff through built- in E-mail facility. With a complete point of sale system and booking system it is the perfect complete tool for running a health club or gym. Key Features of the system: Various details of members: The system takes into account various types of member details such as personal,physical,amount,receipt, idcard details. Report generation: The system generates mutiple types of reports such as: All member report: such a report contains all details of every memeber. This is useful for the gym staff. Specific member report: Gives out report of a specific member only. This report contains comparisions of previous and current Weights and heights, BMI's and Remarks from the trainers. ID Card Generation: Allows generate ID card for any member. Receipt Generation: Allows generate payment receipts for any member. BMI Calculator: The Inbuilt BMI calculator gives rank to the member whether he/she is obese,normal or underweight. Email: Smarty GymBox allows easy communication between the members and the gym staff through built- in E-mail facility.Any notification about the gym such as a gym holiday can be convyed easily to all the members of the gym very easily.
LicenseFree to try
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows 2000 Windows 98 Windows 7 Windows 2003 Windows XP Windows