What's perfection worth? When it comes to billing and time tracking, it can be many thousands of dollars. If you work in Adobe, Quark, Microsoft, Macromedia or other such applications, JobCapture is for you. Imperfect record keeping, manual data entry and clicking timers on and off all lead to the same place: lower billables and inaccurate invoices. JobCapture, the world's only time tracking system for professionals that is truly automated, ensures you won't spend too much creative time figuring out what to bill whom. Open a document and it's automatically being timed. Close it, and the Job Jacket appears spontaneously. The activity gets correctly logged to the proper client. Every time. Accurate information, captured perfectly. Features: Times unlimited open documents with no overlaps and knows if you leave the computer so goes on pause automaticallyAbility to customize labelsAbility to select different styles for the pop-up Job JacketSeamless PrintCapture integrationExport to and import from any databaseTrack billable browser time in specified URLSEnter expensesMany advanced report types with chartingPre-assign jobs and clients or add on the flyTracks almost any application and you can add them yourselfWorkflow convenience features like History Palette and Document shepherdingProject level tracking with timeline reports for budgets and deadlinesCaptureConnect SDK for integrating with any outside databaseMark jobs as active/inactiveEasy to create instant timesheets of all activity performed.Elegant new palette designGreatly improved CPU burden when other apps in useHistory Recent Items on steroidsDocument Shepherding...asset management made as easy as humanly possibleGreatly improved network capabilitiesFully customizable reportingBuilt-in invoice systemDepartments allow you to separate jobs and tasks to specified groups of peopleSQLite database built more codebase errors!Many more configuration options yet overall interface simplifiedSuper easy, self-configuring network and goODBC connection built-inChecks for updates over networkMuch more...needs to be seen to be believed!
Price USD 199
License Free to try
Version 6.1
Operating System Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.3.9, Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
System Requirements Mac OS X 10.3 or higher