EZxslt simplifies the generation of Microsoft Word documents using data stored in FileMaker Pro 6 and FileMaker Pro 7 databases. EZxslt is the first automatic XSLT stylesheet generator for FileMaker Pro. EZxslt is designed for FileMaker Pro users who wish to use MS Word (or other word processing application) for superior typographical control and better handling of long text documents such as contracts, proposals, manuscripts, and mail merge letters. In contrast to a standard Mail Merge, EZxslt makes use of FileMaker Pro's built-in XML capabilities and both increases the functional scope of FileMaker Pro solutions while reducing the effort needed to maintain a workgroup solution.EZxslt PRODUCT FEATURESAutomatically creates XSLT Stylesheets based on Microsoft Word document.Uses simple highlight mechanism to tag stylesheet template.Supports Drag & Drop of source files, simplifying stylesheet file creation.Supports many versions of Microsoft Word.Includes comprehensive online help & tutorial plus in-depth sample files.Stylesheets may be used locally or accessed over a network.Supports page break and text flow modes for multiple record output.Supports Headers, Footers and TablesSupports related recordsExtremely easy to learn and use.
Price USD 129.95
License Free to try
Version 1.5.3
Operating System Mac OS Classic, Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.2
System Requirements
  • FileMaker Pro 6.0v4 or higher
  • FileMaker Pro 7 Supported
  • Microsoft Word 98, 2000, or v.X
  • Mac OS 8.1 - OS X 10.1 or higher