Panorama Enterprise Server is the first totally RAM based general purpose database server for Mac OS X. This server allows lightning fast RAM based databases to be shared by multiple users with full record locking. These users may be on a local network or spread across the Internet (or even without a network at all, see below). The Panorama Enterprise Server can also be used to create ultra-fast web database applications. Unlike traditional client/server systems that sequester all of the data on a central server, the Panorama Enterprise system uses a "mesh" architecture to distribute RAM based copies of the shared data across the network. This mesh technology dramatically cuts delays associated with common database tasks by spreading the load across the network. The Enterprise system works much like a formation of fighter jets teamed with an aerial tanker. Instead of hoarding all of the data on the central server, the Enterprise system distributes complete, redundant copies of the shared data across the network mesh. Operations that don't involve other clients (searching, sorting, analysis, reports, etc.) are performed independently at solid state speed in each client's local RAM, there are no disk delays anywhere in the system. The server is only involved for coordinating data flow across the mesh, managing record locking and updating modified data on clients as necessary. One unique feature of the system is that users can disconnect from the network and continue working even when completely offline and detached -- for example when on an airplane or away from network connections. Database changes made while offline are synchronized automatically when returning to the network. No special setup or programming is required -- this synchronization logic is built into the server itself. This feature is especially useful for companies with employees working in the field. Other key features of Panorama Enterprise Server include WYSIWYG design tools for building web forms, remote configuration, management and debugging tools, support for Google Analytics, and automatic backup of live databases. A 45 day demo of this product can be downloaded from the ProVUE web site. Version Tracker users can extend this demo to 101 days by using the coupon code VT8722.
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