DBA Easy Control suite will be an indispensable aide for any Oracle DBA. This solution is intended for database monitoring, quick preparation for large-scale database management activities (e.g. partition transfer and splitting, working with tablespaces, users, privileges) and storing comprehensive information and documents about all of your databases. DBA Easy Control stores all the necessary information and all database-related instructions that tell you what to do in specific situations, which comes very handy when working in a team. Your administrators share their experience in the form of instructions for different situations saved in a single program console. Wherever he is at home, at work or on vacation - a smart DBA is calm and relaxed. He knows everything about his systems and keeps them all under full control. DBA Easy Control is a system control solution that allows even novice Oracle DBA to manage multiple databases on a proper high quality level, so you will always be confident and calm. DBA Easy Control is also an automation tool for all routine Oracle DBA tasks. It was created by a team of skilled administrators that worked with the largest databases in the country and were willing to facilitate recurring tasks and delegate them to an application, thus saving their time and making their work easier.
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