The easiest and most powerful time tracking software available. Excellent for consultants, freelancers, lawyers, architects, independent contractors, and anyone who needs to monitor the time they spend on various tasks and then bill clients for that time. Features: Cross platform application. it runs on Macintosh Mac OS 8.1* to Mac OS X 10.2 as well as Microsoft Windows 95 - XP. The easiest Time Tracking application available. Export Project Timer files to work with just about anything. Using the flexibility of Project Timer's Export Formats you can create, share and use Export Format files that tell Project Timer how you want the data to be saved to disk. AutoSave restores unsaved files after a crash. AutoSave will save a backup of your file while you work on it, should your computer crash Project Timer will recover the lost data for you. Recent Files and Auto Open. Not only does Project Timer remember the files you recently worked on, Project Timer can also open one of these files every time you start Project Timer. Print Reports. Print reports with your details and a clients details, organised via a category, client, date. Mac OS X 10.x.x customers can take advantage of the "Print to PDF" facility to send their reports as PDF files. Clients, Categories and hourly rate. You can oragnise the time records in the main window, exported documents and reports via Date, Time, Activity, Category and now via client. Mac OS X 10.x.x users can drag records records from Apple Address Book to the client listbox in the preferences window. Rounding facility. Project Timer can round money and time to either the nearest Quarter, half or full amount.
Price USD50
License Purchase
File Size 5.34 MB
Version 1.1.2b1
Operating System Mac OS X 10.2 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.0 Mac OS X 10.3 Mac OS X 10.1
System Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.0 or higher