GDIdb allows the publishing of any ODBC database to the WWW using a dial-up Internet connection. Even complex relational databases can be converted into a web site with a heirachy of HTML documents. GDIdb's script language gives total control over the format of the HTML produced from your data and functions are included to allow the handling of image files. Publishing to your web server can be to a schedule of unattended operation, automatically keeping your web site in sync with the contents of your database. Built in FTP client allows "changed files only" uploading to the web server, minimising upload times. A wizard-driven script and HTML development environment is included with the software.GDIdb works with Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL server, FoxPro, Oracle and most other Windows database software, download includes an example Access database fully configured to run.
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Operating System Windows NT 4 Windows 98 Windows Windows 95