Are you tired of poor or slow ODBC connections to your MAS90/200 data? RSI DataSync provides a solution. Using advanced database replication technology, RSI DataSync synchronizes your MAS90/200 company information to an external Microsoft SQL Server database. This enables you to write queries and reports that execute against a true database engine and achieve performance gains of up to 1000% over the native MAS90/200 ODBC driver. Now you can build truly scaleable applications that share data with MAS90/200. RSI DataSync enables you to build solutions that can support several hundred concurrent users with a standard ODBC interface. All data made available by Sage through the MAS90/200 ODBC driver can be quickly and easily exported to a database. This includes support for international currency versions. A built-in scheduler allows you to easily configure how frequently the database is synchronized with changes in MAS90/200.
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Operating System Windows XP Windows 7 Windows Windows Vista Windows 2000