Reportizer is a database reporting tool. Reports can be edited in convenient visual report designer with powerful property inspector and tool bars. For advanced users, there is an option to modify reports in text mode. Database queries are written in convenient SQL editor with syntax highlighting and code completion. Report generator supports dynamically calculated expressions, displaying images, grouping, calculated fields, multi-column reports, totals and subtotals.Reportizer works with relational databases via several database engine interfaces like ADO etc. It has been tested on the following database types: dBase (DBF), Paradox (DB), TXT, CSV, Oracle, Interbase, MS Access, MS Excel, SQL Server, HTML, Visual FoxPro, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird. In addition to database reports, Reportizer can build and print file reports. In this case, Reportizer use Windows file system as a database, where folders are tables, and files are table items.
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