True Energy

What can you do in the app?Once you have installed the app, you will always be able to see the upcoming electricity prices. You can choose to connect to your smart home devices, so you can start the washing machine and other energy-intensive activities at the most optimal times.Automatically charge your electric car in the appWhen you add your electric car in the app, you set your personal preferences for when the car should be ready and how much battery to charge. In addition, you set a safety distance so that you can, for example, always drive to hospital. Based on your preferences, True Energy will charge your car. Every time you plug in the cable at home, we calculate how long your car will need to charge and when it might be best to start charging so you use the most climate-friendly power.The app gives you the overviewYou can constantly check the status of the car in the app and keep track of the scheduled charging of your car.Of course, you can interrupt True Energy's automatic charging at any time and just charge the car when the charging cable is plugged inBig BatteryWhile charging, your electric car - along with the other electric cars at True Energy - acts as a huge battery for electricity production in your region.Popularly speaking, your electric car can help reduce the fluctuations in electricity demand, so manufacturers avoid starting up expensive and polluting power plants if suddenly there is exceptionally high or low demand for electricity. If there is too little power in the electricity grid, we stop charging all the cars for a short period (typically a few minutes), if there is too much power, we start charging.We will never send power from your battery back into the grid.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.3.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up