The combination of the NIST Mobi App and Mobi Board replaces the Motorscope Optimizer, Motorscope Downloader and Downloader (Microsoft Windows software package).The Mobi App acts as a rich User Interface to the Mobi Board. The Mobi Board, a hardware product of NIST Control Systems (Pty) Ltd (The Company), provides a Bluetooth wireless interface with Motorscope Products of The Company including the Trio Panel, Supra, Uno, Uno Panel etc.List of features:LOCAL AREA MOTORSCOPES:A table with the live status of a number of Motorscopes within Bluetooth range of the users mobile deviceVIEW / ADJUST PARAMETERS:All legacy Optimizer Modes and more on a single scrollable screen: Power (measured and limits), Voltage (measured), Current (measured and max limit), Phase Angle (measured and min limit) as well as various timers (underload allow, underload auto restart, overload allow etc) and other general information regarding the hardware configuration of the connected Motorscope.As with the previous version of the Mobi App, the pressing of the physical Bluetooth Button on the Mobi board remains as confirmation of physical access to the board and thus the validation of a Programming Key enable request from within the app.JOURNALS:An easy to use feature which allows installers to record changes made at a specific installation. The journal is saved in the form of a PDF file which can easily be shared from within the app (My Journals menu item). The Journal PDF file contains the following information: Journal File name and Mobi Board names File creation date Side-by-side BEFORE and AFTER screen-grabs of the VIEW PARAMETERS screen Up to 3 photos of the physical installation A large text notes area for additional notesLOG FILES:Each Motorscope stores information regarding the last 43 trip events (in a circular buffer). With this feature the user can upload and store the entire log file from a Motorscope.Stored log files can be shared (as PDF and raw files) with someone else or uploaded to the users own cloud storage service. Local copies of log files can also be deleted from within the Mobi App.Stored log files could also be viewed via the Mobi App. The following 4 charts with measured values and limits are zoomable and panable: Power, Voltage, Current and Phase AngleA table containing additional information regarding each trip is also visible.UPDATE MOTORSCOPE DATE AND TIME:Enables the updating of the Motorscopes Real Time Clock
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.