Use the Printix App to release documents on Printix managed printers.Printix Cloud Print Management is a cloud-based printing platform. Printix is designed and structured to provide a complete print infrastructure and secure printing environment, that guarantees efficiency, productivity and cost savings. No on-premise servers and databases are required.The Printix App network traffic consists of small amounts of control data and does not include print data. Documents are NOT stored on your iPhone or iPad.REQUIREMENTSThe Printix App requires Printix Cloud Print Management which enables an IT admin to easily deploy and manage printing with Printix. See Printix's website for details.FEATURES* Secure print. Wait until you are at the printer and then use Printix App to release your documents.* Print from your iPhone and iPad to Printix managed printers.* Reprint. Without going back to your computer, you can retrieve and reprint those of your documents that were printed or deleted within the previous 12 hours.* Select printer by scanning QR code, NFC tag or select from your favorite list of printers.* Sign in once with Microsoft (Azure AD/Office 365), Google (G Suite), or your Printix account.* Groups can be used to control access to printers and deploy printers based on users group membership.* Available in 18 languages.BENEFITS* Avoid stressful print and sprintWait until you have arrived at the printer, and then release the documents via your iPhone or iPad. That way, you prevent others from collecting your confidential and sensitive documents.* Make fewer visits to the printerSubmit documents for printing, but postpone the actual collection of the documents until it suits you to release them.* Reduced printing saves on paper and tonerBy not printing documents that never get collected anyway, your company saves money on paper, toner, maintenance and electricity.* EnvironmentFewer trees are cut down to produce paper thus reducing carbon footprint and water usage. A Win-Win situation for your company and our environment.
License Free
Version 2.0.7
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.