ServiceJDC, built up by Mercuries Data Systems Ltd. (2427), is a tailor-made one-stop SaaS solution for field staff managing. Managers app and web platform to integrate to fulfill an efficient and easier work condition through attendance management, GPS check in, task dispatch, task report, e-approval, customer management, data collection, PivotTable analysis, and task report.Free access to basic version for enterprise under 5 accounts! We are glad to invite you to register and solve 6 problems in managing field staff!1. How to control field staff? Control staff status in real time2. How to minimize paperwork? Mobilize approval process3. How to manage customers? Centralized management and analysis comprehensively4. How to analysis and calculate data? Form analysis with smart decision making5. How to synchronize information? Records completely with real-time synchronize6. How to manage attendance data? Check in without location limitedSCENARIO:ServiceJDC is suitable for various kind of industries, equipment repair, retail marketing, merchandise display, engineering project, housework service, errand jobs, insurance industry, logistics delivery, and etc.FEATURES: Work anyplace with just a smartphone. Connect internal and external of enterprise. Flexibility of customized form can apply to all the industries. Enhance core competency with first-hand market data. One-on-one customer service. Concatenate with multi-system with API specification.SOLUTIONS Field Staff ManagementServiceJDC integrate all fieldwork needs through cloud-based system to digitalize works. With all the work information synchronized in real-time, managers can control all details of field work and collect on-site important data. Exploring business opportunity and making decision more precisely with our comprehensive forms and analysis functions. Field Work AssistanceWe integration all the field work needs, including mobile punch in/ shifts arrangement and take leaves/ work schedule/ e-forms/ approval forms to help simplify routine work. Field staff can finish all the field work with just a mobile phone. Attendance ManagementFlexible attendance management with shifts arrangement, punch in/out, attendance records and reports functions included. Staff can finish punch in/out with phones and calculate attendance records automatically. Approval ManagementYou can apply and approval forms without time and location limit through our system. We help simplify enterprises administrative work process and diminish paper copies to fulfill high efficiency office. Customer ManagementContacts, task lists, potential business opportunities, contract, quotations data can be stored in could-based system. Field staff can find customers real needs to reach customer-orientated service. Managers can controlenterprises operations with high efficiency.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.9.13
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 8.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.