The Driver Performance Scoring App from Blue Tree Systems is the most comprehensive driver performance app in the industry, scoring drivers on the three most important aspects of a drivers behavior that impacts any fleet: performance, compliance and safety. If a fleet operation scores high in these three categories, then their business will reap many benefits including significantly reduced fuel, insurance and maintenance costs, as well as reduced fines and violation incidences.PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a Blue Tree Systems company account with the Mobile Workforce product enabled and a valid username and password. Not sure if your company is using Blue Tree Systems? Contact our support team at Not yet a Blue Tree Systems Customer? Visit Measures the drivers ability to drive the vehicle in a manner that promotes good fuel consumption and reduced wear and tear on the vehicle.- Scoring elements which contribute to the Performance score include harsh acceleration and deceleration; over-revving; idling; coasting; use of cruise control; harsh braking; speeding; brake usage; and hard cornering.- Fleets can select which aspects of driver behavior they wish to monitor - and the weight they wish to attribute to each aspect.COMPLIANCE- Measures the drivers ability to respect and adhere to driving and working legislation and road speeds.- Detects any working or driving infringements. If infringements are detected, then the drivers score for this category is reduced and near real-time feedback is offered to the driver.- Determines when the driver is over-speeding; each instance contributes to reduce the drivers score in this category.- Each over-speeding instance is recorded together with date, time, location of the event and over-speed detail.- If a company also chooses Blue Trees Vehicle Inspection App, then they will have the ability to score the driver on their ability to perform inspections.SAFETY- Safety relates to how the driver operates the vehicle to promote road safety and reduce the potential for accidents.- By connecting directly to the engine, Blue Tree can determine how a driver is operating the vehicle and assign them a safety rating.- Drivers are scored on the following aspects of their driving behavior: anticipation; harsh acceleration and deceleration; harsh braking; speeding and hard cornering.
License Free
Version 4.0.17
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up