Sycorp Calc Pro

The Sycorp Calc Pro app provides quick and easy access to a number of calculations used in Water Damage Restoration, Construction, HVAC and Indoor Air Quality industries. Easy to use, quick access for use on job sites. Great for water technicians, supervisors, and insurance adjusters. Based on IICRC formulas. Includes published specs on over 100 pieces of equipment from Dri-Eaz, Phoenix, Abatement, Nikro, Jon Don, DryAir, B-Air, Ebac, Viking, arid and others.Calculations include:- Restoration: dehumidifiers and air movers needed on a job based on Class of Loss and size of area. Also how many gallons of water in a given area. Enter multiple rooms sizes- Air Movers: new IICRC S500 (2015) calculations for Air movers- Psychrometric: Calculate Grains per pound (GPP) specific humidity, dew point and vapor pressure. Email readings.- Heating: how many BTU's and ton of HVAC needed to heat or cool an area to a specific temperature- Indoor Air Quality: How many HEPA air filter units needed for specific Air Changes per Hour (ACH). Email settings- Power: Select equipment and calculate how much power is needed, cost and runtime- Definitions on over 100 terms*****All the features of the free Sycorp Calc "lite" version plus:- Class 4 Water Loss and Desiccant air flow calculations- S500 (2015) Air Mover calculations- Enter multiple room dimensions for calculations- Email readings and room dimensions- Calculate air movers by linear feet- Set defaults for dehumidifier and height- Show Vapor PressureNow over 40,000 downloads between free and pro versions on all devices!What people are saying:"This app has been a great teaching tool for me to give further understanding to our technicians""I use your app constantly and love it!""This app is hands down the most superior app in its class"Also available for iPhone and iPad
Price USD 329
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Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android