MILCAR was founded in the year 2000. Starting as a small business, to pursue a dream of having a career in the AUTOMOTIVE world. Soon after, MILCAR grew to become a profession in a domain where true passion was found. Our obsession has led us to a field where we strictly exert utmost potentials and work wholeheartedly. After years of relentless efforts & dedication, an ongoing motor show under the name of MILCAR was born.MILCAR is a form of an automotive freelance business. Its objective is trading with up to 20 Brands, varying from the best in German engineering to the finest in Italian designs & from the ever stunning Japanese technologies to the heritage rich English masterpieces , all exhibited under one roof, makes Milcars uniqueness.On top, MILCAR has pre-ordered avant premires and supercars which are already displayed in our showroom, as you have noticed, ready for your immediate acquisition.We are confident in our ability to compete & perform, having overcome significant obstacles over the past few years. The period was full of headwinds and turbulences, the political and economical crisis factors, have created a fiercely competitive environment, despite all, MILCAR has lived up to the challenges. It is just an evidence of our savoir faire that MILCAR could achieve results in a very challenging arena. But satisfaction is not found in the MILCAR dictionary. We will strive even harder to meet our MILCAR goals. We had to stretch to succeed, that is what we will keep on doing.We have managed to satisfy a broad spectrum of different customer needs. Ranging from a daily commuter to a wild fantasy. From a necessity to a statement. We are keen on providing ideal solutions to suit all demands. Milcars reputation depends on its clients satisfaction, which was enhanced by after sales services such as buyback guarantee and maintenance follow up.Before you buy any car,consult us at MILCAR !
License Free
Version 1.0.1
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.