Omtreksoft Shopper

Add mobile e-commerce and delivery to your business!E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.If you own a small business restaurant, flower retail store, shoe store, liquor store, small market, etc. we have created a complete and nicely integrated mobile e-commerce and delivery platform for you.If you don't have a real store but are still looking for a mobile e-commerce and delivery platform so you can sell and deliver your products online, please continue to read, you are a few steps away from having your own online mobile e-commerce and delivery presence!Or, if you simply want to sell some products online, like for a garage sale, we have a very powerful and still very simple to use, mobile e-commerce platform for you.HOW TO ADD MOBILE E-COMMERCE AND DELIVERY TO YOUR BUSINESS?We have developed a fully integrated mobile e-commerce and delivery STORES platform for your small business.STORES combines SPEED, SIMPLICITY and ELEGANCE, offering you a very advanced and complete mobile e-commerce and delivery solution, so you can have a very elegant and robust online presence and grow your sales by offering, selling and delivering your products to your clients.Practically speaking:It is first about SPEED so you can quickly use our mobile e-commerce and delivery solution for YOUR specific business needs and to build your online presence. You can go online in just a few minutes and while you will be selling your products, you can continue to add more products to your online store and expand it at your own pace and continue to add more clients and grow faster.It is also about the SIMPLICITY of a complete mobile e-commerce and delivery platform offered to you without any contract.Finally, it is about the ELEGANCE of a great user experience offered by a fully integrated and well-designed mobile solution, providing you with important features so you can run your business effectively, such as: Store Management, Order Management, Client Management, and Delivery Management.Store Management:This is about the creation and maintenance of your catalog of online products. With our SHOP application you can just walk through your products and very simply add pictures to them using your own mobile device.Order Management:This allows you to handle your orders, from their initial reception, to their preparation and their delivery to your customers, including their tracking on an electronic map with GPS routing for each delivery!Client Management:This is about being able to contact your clients directly from within our SHOP application, with emails and SMS. When your clients purchase products, they will be informed in real-time for everything that is happening to their orders. And you don't need to do anything, as the platform takes care of everything so your clients stay informed and don't need to call you.Delivery Management:With this feature you will be able manage your own delivery crew. Every delivery driver working for your business will use a customized mobile application allowing you to optimize your field operation by tracking them on an electronic map and so you can decide on your next deliveries, based on every driver's location and direction and DTA (Distance To Arrival).With this mobile SHOPPER app, your CLIENTS will:navigate through your catalog of online productsadd products to their cartscheckout and pay with their credit and debit cardssee your daily deals and add them to their cartssearch for productssee their current and past ordersinvite their friends and family members to your online storeredeem their reward points during checkouttrack their deliveries on their smartphones with an acurate Distance To Arrival (DTA) information using GPScommunicate with you using their smartphones
License Free
Version 4.12
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.