Currently, the toolbox includes four assisting tools: Customer Lifetime Value, Campaign Impact Assessment, Break Even Calculation, and Inventory Management.The Customer Lifetime Value calculator will allow you to calculate CLV the simpler way; when the sales cycle is not too complicated you can approximate the CLV calculation by using the 'turnover', 'number of customers', 'gross margin' (% profit over sales), 'churn rate' (% of customers that stop buying from you every month), and the 'interest rate'.The Campaign Impact Assessment will help you with calculating the probability that the outcome of a marketing campaign has been successful using a similar method as the A/B testing. You have two actions A & B; you'll need the receivers of each action, and the conversion rates (%) for each group, to obtain the probability of success.The Break Even Calculator will calculate the sales point at which a business will start making a profit, on the basis of its costs and pricing strategy.The Inventory Management makes use of the economic order quantity and the newsvendor models.More tools will be added to cover the areas of marketing, finance, and operations.
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