Cavitation coefficient is used for Fluid flow in centrifugal pump. this application uses the following equation to calculate the Cavitation coefficient.C = [ (dP/p.g) + (u^2/2.g) - h ] / HWhere;C - is the Cavitation coefficientdP - is the pressure differentialp - is the fluid densityu - is the fluid velocityg - is the gravitational accelerationh - head loss due to friction in suction lineH - is the pump head or pumping heightThe calculator can also calculate the pump head providing that the Cavitation coefficient is defined.Input can be specified in different units of measurements as shown below:Pressure - bar, kPa, Pa, psi, lb/ft2Density - kg/m3, lb/ft3Velocity - m/s, ft/sHead Loss & Pump Head - m, ftGravitational acceleration - m/s2, ft/s2This version of the app contains no adverts.
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