Business Log - Schedule C

BusinessLog is intended for small business owners, rental property owners and consultants who want to keep good records and save time without spending a fortune.The IRS requires that Schedule C be broken down in 5 main categories: Income, Expenses, Cost of Goods, Vehicle Costs and Other Expenses for each independent business you operate.The app has been designed to make it easy to track income and expenses so that they fall in the right category and it will be easy to generate a Schedule C.It is not limited to Schedule C, it can also be configured for consultants and a host of other small business or personal activities, like tracking large purchases and keeping track of warranty information for your purchases, vehicle maintenance records and any other purpose.The app has been designed to be extremely simple to use and fast. You do not need to go through multiple layers of menus to do anything, the menu is flat and one layer deep. The initial configuration (setting up your businesses and income/expense categories) takes a few minutes and you are ready to roll.The rolling log of all your entries is always visible in the main page and search or filter by date, business or category are also available. You do not need to generate a report when looking for something, even though reports are easy to create in Excel or CSV format, and you can email them directly from within the app.Have a look at the manualIf you want to try the app, download the demo version (search the play store for BusinessLog Demo)
Price USD 3.99
License Purchase
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.0 and up