Become more self-aware, explore your personality and learn how you relate to others by creating your unique Lumina Splash - Lumina Learning's instantly memorable, visual representation of who you are.Plus: want to know how compatible you are with someone? Find out by sharing your Splash with other Splash app users.* Speed Read your personality24 questions which take around two minutes to answer.* View your SplashQuickly visualise how you scored on eight key aspects of your personality: Extraverted, Big Picture Thinking, Inspiration Driven, People Focused, Introverted, Down to Earth, Discipline Driven and Outcome Focused.* Explore your AspectsNavigate your Splash by zooming into the aspect level to learn more about your scores with the help of dynamic descriptions which are generated by your responses.* Share to CompareShare your Splash online with colleagues, friends and family to get personalised feedback on where you complement each other and where you might clash!If you have a Lumina Spark portrait and are attending a Lumina Spark Workshop:* Easy AccessSee the digital version of your Splash anytime during and after the course and get in touch with your practitioner.* Scan to ImportSimply scan a QR code on the paper version of your Spark portrait to import your Splash.* Three PersonasWatch your Splash morph into each of your three personas: Underlying, Everyday and Overextended.* Scan to CompareSimply share your QR code with others and allow them to compare each of their personas with you.If you have a Lumina Practitioner account for running Spark Workshops this app includes some advanced tools for you to use:* Splash GalleryQuickly view any Splash and compare any two Splashes directly from your Splash Gallery.* Speed Read OthersSpeed Read your potential clients, learners, colleagues, friends and family from your own device.* Draw any SplashThe Splash-O-Matic tool allows you to intuitively draw any Splash simply by pressing on and dragging each aspect's tentacle to the score you require.
License Free
Version 1.1.11
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up