Book different Domestic & Personal Assistance Services directly yo your place.< Physical Trainer < ELECTRICIANS < PLUMBERS < Cleaners < GARDENING < LOCKSMITHS < PERSONAL TRAINERSExplore our map and check which provider is nearby and available right now (or Availability for later) a professional to come to your place. We have various domestic & Personal Assistance services like Physical Trainers,Electrician, Plumber, Massage Therapists, Gardeners, and movers. Well take care of all things you need done.Request a Provider in less than a minute and get them approach on the app. There will be no hidden charges. Know up front how much Providers will charge.Features:Choose Providers based on Service Category or Choose your favourite Provider.Check the rating & reviews & book a Provider instantly, or schedule for later.Chat with your Provider.Share images with provider if necessary of what you actually need.See and be alerted when Tasker arrives, and when they finish the jobPay using cash or card.Pay for the time they have given to the work.
Operating System Android
System RequirementsRequires Android 4.1 and up