Kaspersky Endpoint Security & Device Management

FOR CORPORATE / ENTERPRISE / BUSINESS / B2B USERS ONLY!This application is intended for corporate users of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business or Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud licenses.---------------------------------Kaspersky Endpoint Security is purposed to strengthen security of Android ENTERPRISE DEVICES used by employees to ensure their proper usage in corporate environment. Management with security-oriented EMM products - Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business or Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud consoles.- The app protects your personal and corporate data against viruses, adware and other malware in real time.- The app prevents from phishing while you surf the web- The app detects root on device to execute compliance control.- The app blocks unwanted (spam)calls and SMS.- The app gives you Anti-Theft actions: locate it and protect your data when your device gets lost or left behind stolen.ENROLLMENT:Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android realizes BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)mobile policy of your company:- Install the app from invitation link sent from Kaspersky Security Center (KSC)or KES Cloud consoles or enter the connection settings provided by your system administrator (IP address of the remote hosting KSC and server connection port).- Once installed, the app can be configured remotely by your corporate IT administrator to provide Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), MDM (Mobile Device Management)and MAM (Mobile Application Management)capabilities.DEPLOYMENT:- Deploy the app via 3rd-party EMM console (e.g. VMWare AirWatch)to provide MTD for managed devices.- Deploy the app via Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollement for batch installation and initial configuration on Samsung devices purchased from official vendors.According to the security policy in place at your company, the administrator can also remotely control access to other apps and functions of your device.MOBILE THREAT DEFENSE (MTD)- Anti-virus scanning of files as they are saved, opened or executed.- Real-time scanning of new apps after installation.- Detection of adware and riskware that can be exploited by hackers to harm the device or user data.- On-demand or scheduled scanning of the device file system for viruses and other malware.- On-demand or scheduled anti-virus database updates.CALL & TEXT FILTER- Blocking of unwanted incoming calls and texts.PROTECTION OF STOLEN OR LOST DEVICE DATA (ANTI-THEFT)- SIM-Control: Configure the device to lock automatically when your SIM card is replaced or the device is turned on without a SIM card.- Lock the device remotely when it gets lost or left behind or stolen (Google Firebase Cloud Messaging is required).- Wipe user data from the device remotely when it gets lost or left behind (stolen).- Get the device GPS coordinates remotely.Attention! This app uses the Device Administrator permission.PROTECTION AGAINST ONLINE THREATS- Blocking of malicious and phishing websites, website content filtering by specified categories - available in Google Chrome and Samsung Internet Browser.DATA PROTECTION ACCORDING TO THE CORPORATE SECURITY POLICY- Remote configuration of app settings by the administrator.- Remote start of Anti-Theft by the administrator. When your device gets lost or stolen, contact your system administrator so he can protect your personal and corporate data stored on the device.- Control of access to apps installed on the device. The administrator can create a list of allowed and blocked apps and specify required apps.- Control of device functions (such as the Wi-Fi module or camera). The administrator can restrict access to certain functions of your device.- Extend the configuration with Android Enterprise (Android for Work)working profiles or Samsung KNOX.SUPPORTED LANGUAGESEnglish, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
License Free
Operating System Android