GPS Trackit's Vehicle Tracking App allows registered users of Fleet Manager, our GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system, to track any vehicle in their account from Android devices. Our easy-to-use interface gives you access to the following features:MappingLocate your vehicle's current location on the map.Standard, Satellite, and Hybrid viewsDetailed information about the vehicle's last known location (address, date & time, speed, and heading)GeoFencesView your established GeoFences on the map.Vehicle TrailsChoose a date and time range to display a map view of a specific vehicle's reported locations during that time.Vehicle HistoryView various vehicle history reports within a specified date range.Nearest VehicleIdentify and locate the nearest vehicle to a chosen location or other vehicle.DirectionsGet accurate directions to the nearest vehicle or a specific location.To learn more about GPS Trackit's products and services, visit
Operating System Android