ALLDATA, the leading provider of diagnostic and repair information for automotive service professionals, now offers a new way to access repair information. Available to professional subscribers, ALLDATA Mobile is repair information served through the convenience, reliability, durability, and low operational cost of today's tablet/App technology. ALLDATA Mobile lets users navigate through a new information grid specifically designed for touch screen, and with the approved hardware, links data from vehicles OBDII Port directly to ALLDATA repair information.ALLDATA Mobile is a true App and not just a tablet enabled website:- ALLDATA Mobile offers an optimized touchscreen UI specifically designed for tablets- Pitch and Zoom all diagrams- Access instant Search with all results grouped by the type of information they represent (Service and Repair, Specifications, Parts and Labor)- Access additional repair information generated by ALLDATA's User CommunityIn conjunction with an approved OBDII Bluetooth Connector, ALLDATA Mobile bridges the gap between repair information and vehicle connectivity:- ALLDATA Mobile decodes VIN through the OBDII Port or using the VIN bar code scanner- Access basic OBDII diagnostics including Freeze Frame Data, Sensors Readings, Vehicle Parameters and Emissions Readiness- DTC's and Freeze Frame read from vehicles link directly into the specific diagnostic articles- For future diagnostics, ALLDATA Mobile saves OBDII activity into a central database tied to specific vehicle's VINALLDATA Mobile revolutionizes auto repair by bringing the power of ALLDATA's OEM-direct information together with the latest technology. Work faster and smarter!
License Free
Operating System Android