Ipsidy Concierge

Protect physical perimeters and gain enhanced security with the power of Ipsidy's Concierge application and Access - Ipsidy's facial biometric multi-factor authentication solution. Ipsidy's tablet-based Concierge application is used in conjunction with Access and the Ipsidy mobile biometric app. Concierge provides an Access site attendant real-time monitoring of enrolled participants' entry and exit transactions. Concierge also offers tools for site attendants and site administrators to register and verify users' identities from the convenience and low-cost of a tablet.Site administrators also receive Access reporting and analytics, and can track employee attendance by reviewing Access logs. Receptionists, doorman and security guards can greet visitors by name, providing a more personalized experience.Ipsidy's Concierge app and Access solution verifies and monitors the identity of residents, employees and visitors attempting entry into a building or controlled area, using Bluetooth beacons to trigger the identity authentication event. Participants are enrolled via the Ipsidy app on their own mobile phone in advance of their arrival at the site or through the Concierge app. Enhance your building and perimeter security with Ipsidy's Concierge and Access solution and know with certainty who has access to your site!
Operating System Android