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IntelliInvest - We strive to be the Best Stock Market App in the India. We believe in empowering investors with intelligent investment techniques. Our goal is of providing a simple and powerful Stock market analysis interface to all retail investors to go about their investment needs. IntelliInvest is powered by in-depth Share market analysis of equities. It makes stock picking very easy and is able to guide you through the ups and downs of the market with timely advice. The various analysis modules complement each other and provide a holistic analytical perspective to the investor about his investment through technical analysis charts, free live charts for Indian stocks, market news live and many other things. Here's the walkthrough of our IntelliInvest app to give you a coherent idea of why do we stand out as a Stock Market App from the rest. Technical analysis of Indian Stocks - You get full Technical, Fundamental, Industry, Market Bubble, Industry Bubble and Investment profile analysis all under one umbrella of NSE and BSE stocks. IntelliAnalysis - IntelliAnalysis analyzes the market for you through 3 lenses "Industry, Fundamental and Technical" to serve you us a precise stock market predictor and give you the best ROE. IntelliBubble - IntelliBubble is industry specific. It bubbles up the entire industry into a percentage rating. The percentage shows the amount of shares bought in that specific industry. You can know how much are people buying stocks of a certain company and also the times when they are undervalued. Along with that you can see the bubble for any industry from agriculture to education to utility markets, throughout the year. IntelliBubble also advises on the percentage range for you to invest in a certain industry. Investment Profile - Our intelligence gives you tips, notification and alerts of India Stock Market according to your Investment Profile. IntelliLeader - If trading is your passion and you want to reach out to a wider audience join our leaderboard. Be a leader to many. If you are looking for just some tips and insights or are looking a guide for your investing you can use the leaders portfolio details and maximise your returns. IntelliTrend - These days being an investor means you need to think like a trader after having analyzed and learned technical analysis of stocks. Having the most happening With other more features, you can get prediction with up to 70% accuracy with the IntelliInvest stock market trading app.
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