With the help of Close-up from metru you have the possibility to place up to 3 application videos with a maximal length of 2 minutes in your PDF application. The employer sees your application file and your videos, which show your personality, at the same time. This way you appear innovative and stand out from competitors. In your videos you can provide specific information to your cover letter, to your CV or to your skills. However, you are completely free to decide what you want to say. When you record your videos, you have as many tries as you need. We provide you with useful tips in form of tutorials. After you uploaded your written application-PDF to our website, the Close-up team edits your videos. Another advantage is that your application videos do not enlarge your application file because they are retrieved from our servers. That makes it easy for you to send your application by mail or upload it to portals. When you print your Close-up application, QR-codes will appear which employer can easily scan with their smartphones.
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