Mersen Product Recognition App

Mersen announces the release of the industry's first fuse and fuse gear product recognition app to use a photo to identify and suggest a product match based on the image.This industry-first application gives the option to search the Mersen database via text or photo recognition. Simply use a mobile device to scan the fuse, fuse holder, switch or surge device and the application will recognize the competitive product and return a Mersen cross referenced part number. The App will then direct you to the nearest sales office for product help.Mersen's NEW Fuse Recognition App lets the user:- Search for a product via photo or text- Identify Mersen and competitive products- Locate Mersen Sales Representatives- Use motor and transformer tables to look up productsThe Mersen Recognition Product Finder App is ideal for the Plant Electrician, Panel Builder, and Maintenance Personnel and puts quick reference information in their hands.The App can also be very beneficial to inside and outside distributor sales associates trying to guide their customer to the Mersen brands.
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