Temporary Synergy

FLORAL IMAGE ROUTE MAP helps changeover person to find distance from your current location tonearest delivery locations with the shortest and easiest path with the updating locations, Changeoverperson will see the map of their allocated zones.Changeover person will need to login, they can view their changeover locations and the visited locationby the color of the location mark (changeover done will be of green, pending will be yellow& due will bered).Changeover person can view both view's i.e. Map view and List view.FLORAL IMAGE ROUTE MAP works on basis of GPRS location.Changeover person can search the location using attribute, Changeover person can click on locationmark to view the customer's detail, change the uploaded image, if you have not changed the flow youcan enter the note & can submit to the database(salesforce).FLORAL IMAGE ROUTE MAP FUNCTIONS ::- INBOX: option gives you flexibility to view the text messages.- GPS NAVIGATION option works as GPS NAVIGATOR & helps you to navigate from one place to another place.- LOCATION HISTORY option gives you all history of your recently Visited Places.- CHANGE PASSWORD option enables you to change your current password.- LOGOUT using this option you can logout your account.
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