IceWarp Authenticator

IceWarp Authenticator provides ultimate security for your IceWarp account through a Two-Step Verification process. Step one: type your password as usual. Step two: retype the one-time code generated by IceWarp Authenticator. The code changes every 30 seconds and proves your identity through something you always carry with you - your mobile phone.Why Two-Step Verification?-------------------------------------Protects you against password theftNo extra password to rememberEasily accessible through the applicationWorks without cellular/internet connectionFeatures-------------------------------------Effortless setup by scanning a QR codeSupports multiple accountsTime-based code generationSetup Two-Step Verification-------------------------------------1. Download the IceWarp Authenticator app.2. Login to your WebClient account and open Options under your photo.3. On the screen that opens click the Two-Step Verification button and select the IceWarp Authenticator app.4. Open the IceWarp Authenticator, tap Start Setup, tap the icon to Scan QR Code. Allow the app to access the camera when prompted.5. Scan the QR code displayed in WebClient, or alternatively retype the Key into the app.
License Free
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Android