Young Supply Wizard

The Young Supply Wizard is designed to be the best mobile resource for technical and service information for Michigan and Ohio HVACR contractors, engineers, and building professionals.Communication features: Find and communicate with all YSC branchesView full details on YSC training and branch activitiesAccess our vast technical library to access resources and email resources to your customers from the app.View our latest specials and take advantage of App only initiatives.Refrigeration ToolsRefrigeration characteristics and pressure temperature calculators for 21 current refrigerantsTroubleshooting for condensers, rack systems, compressors and TXV'sTemperature conversion for fahrenheit and celsius HVAC ToolsDuct sizing tools for metal and flex ductTroubleshooting for Rheem, Mitsubishi, LG and HTP systemsQuick calculators for Wet Bulb and Dew Point Temperatures, CFM loads, BTU capacities and water flows and much more.Energy Calculators and Operating Cost Calculators.
License Free
Version 0.0.3
Operating System Android