Xenia Driver

his is a mobile application that serves as a peer2peer send and receive remittance service of the six38 platform. This peer-to-peer payment is instant to anyone in the world and connect Xenia users with a network of physical locations closest to them where they can either add or withdraw cash to/from their Xenia Teller wallet.XENIA teller is a platform that allows extremely low transfer fees while also empowering vibrant Africans who serve as the point of exchange between the sender and the receiver. A total win-win situation for all.within this app one is able to call up a ride just like any other taxi sharing app but payment is settled in digital currency mainly XENIACOIN or BITCOIN from the wallet of the app (this function reduces the fee for the drivers, instead of the traditional 15-25% charged by competing applications only 5% is charged to the driver and 3% is banked in a serving wallet for the rider, this way both the driver and the rider are incentified Any person or store with verifiable details and location can sign up as an XENIA TELLER, that means they become a payment gate way to and from the Xenia Teller wallet benefiting a fee not more than 2% of the transaction cost with a total cap limit of chargeable fee determined by our application.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None