Elemental Wellness Center is a state-licensed recreational and medical cannabis retailer in San Jose, CA, offering lab-tested flowers, extracts, edibles, topicals, and more!Elemental operates in accordance with Proposition 64, and believes all cannabis users should have the right to obtain safe, affordable product in a warm and welcoming environment. Our spa-like atmosphere and exceptional products have earned us a spot among the Bay Area's premier cannabis retailers, securing a slot on Metro's "Best of Silicon Valley" list each of the past seven years. Additionally, Elemental offers a variety of complimentary classes and services, genuinely encapsulating all the qualities of a true wellness center!This app provides users with a quick and convenient way to stay in the loop with new updates and make adjustments to their private Elemental account.Thanks for your interest in Elemental Wellness, and we look forward to joining you on your path to wellness!M-USE LIC #M12-17-0000006-TEMPA-USE LIC #A12-17-0000009-TEMP
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