Pocket-Transport empowers arbitrary ERP systems to capture shipment confirmations in real-time. Thus shortening the time gap between shipment delivery and invoicing, and digitizing shipment confirmation data. This makes your company real money in real time!We use our API to receive shipment data as they are noted in your ERP system and assigned to drivers for delivery. Your drivers are notified in real-time as shipments are assigned. They then deliver shipments as usual while using Pocket-Transport to display BOL documentation and capture confirmation signatures from your customers. Once delivery confirmation is complete, Pocket-Transport uploads signature images, timestamp, and GPS coordinates back into your ERP.Once your ERP receives notification of shipment, you can continue to invoice customers and update orders status without waiting for the driver to return to your facility.Please Note: This application REQUIRES access to a Pocket-E Platform server instance. You will not be able to configure and run this program without the larger Pocket-E system setup for your company. Contact us today at www.pocket-e.com to find out how we can quickly integrate Pocket-Transport with your ERP!
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