With Umango Extract for tablet devices give you more freedom and flexibility in where the image is capture and the profiling work is completed. Take photos or select files on the tablet and push them into job based business processes.Umango provides a seamless experience whether at the panel of a multifunction device, a desktop browser or mobile tablet users can begin processing a batch of documents on one device, defer until later and then resume their work on another device platform. Once complete the images and their related metadata are sent to their final destination according to the jobs pre-existing configuration.Some of the features included are:- Real time ODBC data lookups into backoffice databases from the tablet- Real time browsing of network folders, backoffice data structures and 3rd party systems from the tablet- Real time OCR capture and validation- Data entry based on preset image regions (key from image)- Constrained list metadata selectionWith the Umango Extract Client for Android Tablets, profiling of documents and images can be done anywhere a network connection is available.Note: Requires connectivity to a Umango Extract server and related software licenses
Operating System Android