Electrical Contractor - Mobile Application

This highly informative electrical contractor's app enables users to know all the relevant information associated with the electric contractors' firm. The users who want to avail services of electric contractors can get various information regarding contractors registered with the firm. With the help of this electrical contractor application, users can easily get registered with the firm and also get the view of other clients registered with it. If there is any confusion in the mind of the user it can be resolved by a single tap calling feature. This app highlights various current and upcoming projects of the firm which leads users to check the reliability and efficiency of the firm. One can also ensure the progress of the firm with this electrical contractors app. It is necessary for every client as he/she can make his/her budget for anything with this app which is helpful in getting estimated cost of work with help of a free quote section. This electrical contractors mobile app provides visual pictures of the firm's work. Users of this app can see various pictures uploaded by the firm in his gallery section. It also provides required contact information related to the electrical contractors firm.
Operating System Android