Somalia My Land Records

LRMIS is a system which is used to store the details of land parcels and land owners in a country and compute their land tax, yearly based on the land details entered. Yearly invoices will be generated and payments against these invoices can be tracked through the system. Different type of reports can also be generated for the data stored in the system.Using this application, a Land owner can login with their account number and date of birth.After Login they can access their lan details, unit details and invoicing details as well as payment details.Project's benefits:- Nationwide identification for every land property (empty plots, houses, buildings) in the country- Used as national ID in similar lines of passport, driving licence, tax registration card.- Cash rich - Collection of property tax, for the benefit of government, used in various infrastructure and physical security purposes- A single searchable repository - of Land owners with historic data- Renewal alerts via mobile, renewal tax collection in simplified and generic format- Land ownership transfers - legal ownership transfer operations & document verification under one roof.- Ownership ID card - printing in batches to save time. Reprint options for approved lost cards.- Stock management - inventory managed for various stationery items- Transparency - System brings transparency in data collection, tax collection and distribution.- Proper control - robust workflow involving various parties' viz. suppliers, local housing body, district level government, state/city level government, treasury.- Accountability - all the 3rd party work in collaboration in transparent and accountable system- Future proof and future ready - application is Mac/PC/tablet friendly using flexible framework to work with existing government programs.- IT infrastructure - flexible to expand to any size (multiple servers/clients, point of connections/routers)
Operating System Android