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"" - Best new invoicing app 2018Invoice Ready is a an easy to use app to invoice your customers and get paid painlessly.Start accepting credit cards right awayStart accepting payments instantly with our seamless payment integration. Deposits are made to your bank account using a secure connection and you can decide on the frequency of the deposits. Invoice your customers and receive payments over the web. You can decide if you want to pay the processing fee or pass it on to your customer.We are working on accepting credit cards on the spot, you should see this feature soon.Credit card payments work in the U.S, U.K and Canada.If you need to accept payments in any other countries reach out to us at feedback@invoiceready.comDashboard & ReportsThe dashboard gives you a high level overview of your business. It gives you a break down of the total payments collected this month, the amount overdue and total amount invoiced. It also gives you a break down of the payments collected month over month, and the payments received from each customer.Down paymentsSometimes you need a down payment to start working on a job, whether it's to make purchases or to make sure that your customer does not back out at the last minute. Invoice Ready makes this possible. When you send out an estimate you can ask for a percentage of the total to be paid upfront. Your customer will receive a payment link along with the estimate and will be required to make the payment to accept the estimate. This will help you decrease your cancellations and improve earnings.Attachments & SignatureAdd multiple attachments to your invoices and estimates. This helps you attach your work orders, time sheets and receipts to your customers invoice. You can also attach signatures to your invoice and estimate.Work offline & Cloud backupWe know that mobile data is not always reliable and often expensive, You can add new customers and create invoices and estimates while you are offline. Once you are connected to the internet, we make sure all your data is backed up to the cloud.Manage business contactsYou can add and manage your business contacts inside Invoice Ready. We make it easy to import contacts from your contact list. Filter your contacts to to see which contacts have not been used and send estimates to them instantly. You can also search through your contacts using our ultra fast search.Print & Share your invoices & estimatesYou can print your invoices or estimates using cloud print or share them using WhatsApp, Skype and other messaging apps. You can share the invoice as a link, which allows you to track when it's opened, or share it directly as a PDF.Items and TaxesYour items and taxes are stored automatically for future use. You can edit these later under the settings tab. You can add multiple taxes to any item and also have the tax registration numbers printed on your invoice.SettingsYou can edit your business details and set a logo for your business. We auto detect your currency but it is configurable. Invoice numbers are also configurable, and are by default auto incrementing.What feature should we add next? We are listening at feedback@invoiceready.com----If you enjoy using the app please leave us a good review, it helps us keep going towards our goal of making invoicing easier for you.PermissionsREAD_CONTACTS: To import contacts from the contact listACCESS_NETWORK_STATE & INTERNET: To backup your dataBILLING: In-app billing** You can download Invoice Ready for free, For the first 30 days you get unlimited invoices and estimates, after the first 30 days you get a total of 5 free invoices/estimates a month and 40 free invoices/estimates a year. You can upgrade to get unlimited invoices or estimates. **
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