Want to share safety tasks and observations across your organization?Cat SafetyShare helps all workers in construction, mining and other industrial sectors communicate site observations and provide a path to getting issues resolved. Collaborating to improve the safety of the work environment leads to improved productivity and efficiency. Cat SafetyShare helps to target specific safety/hazard concerns that may arise in the course of the coming week's work.Features Include:- Create safety shares that others in your organization can see, and assign an individual responsible for resolving the issue- Add location, photos, and comments to the share- In addition to the individual assigned as responsible, unlimited contacts can get notified as the status of the safety share changes- Sort by overdue, upcoming and the recently assigned actions to be performed.SafetyShare requests the following permissions:GeoLocation: App will offer users to search their job site's information based on their current Geolocation. For that it will request to access user's location information. Denying the access, you will be not able search or pick your locations.Camera/Gallery: You can take new image or upload existing images from gallery as your Profile image. App will request your permission to access your device camera/gallery to upload, & if you deny you will not be allowed to upload your preferred images.Contacts: You can collaborate as part of SafetyShare sending invitations and working as a team. Denying access to this features will restrict your access your contact book and collaborate with your fellow app users.
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