Dogecoin Miner

History.Dogecoin was created by the programmer from Portland Billy Marcus. He wanted to create a crypto currency that would be closer to a larger demographic group, as well as distance himself from Bitcoin's history, in particular, related to the sale of drugs. Dogecoin was based on the existing Luckycoin crypto currency, which in turn was based on Litecoin, which is based on Bitcoin. As in Luckycoin, the size of the reward for each block in Dogecoin was set randomly. In March 2014, this provision was changed and the size of the award became fixed. Initially, it was thought that the issue size would be 100 billion, but later it was announced that the production of dogecoin will be unlimited.With Dogecoin Miner you will become part of the revolutionary solution in the world of crypto currency! For the first time in the Dogecoin market, the software for crypto currency is optimized for use on a mobile device! Yes! You have correctly understood - your phone or tablet can become a real farm for mining with Dogecoin Miner!All that is required of you is to download the application, press the enable button and the dogecoin extraction process will begin using the graphic chip of your phone!Try and make sure that the dogecoin prey is absolutely simple and free with Dogecoin Miner!
Operating System Android