What makes Spriv so cool? Only one single click on "Allow" and all future logins from the same computer will automatically be allowed without any user intervention, as long as the phone is near the same computer.In most cases Spriv will automatically authenticate the second channel in Two Factor Authentication seamlessly and in less than one second! With Spriv's automated, patented, and patent pending technology there is no more hassle from constant interaction with your phone every time you login. Simply enter your username/password and Spriv will authenticate seamlessly, and in most cases in less than a second!In addition to an automated 2FA platform, Spriv also provides traditional TOTP, Two way SMS and Allow | Deny.No credit card is required, and the registration process is simple and quick. in order to create a free account please go to www.spriv.com and click on Sign-UpPlease contact Spriv support with any question you may have at support@spriv.com
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