Cargo Signal provides end-to-end logistics protection and visibility of your cargo in transit using advanced sensor technology.As a Cargo Signal customer, you can now easily monitor your most valuable shipments straight from your phone. You can quickly scan all your current shipments around the globe, and with just one tap see location, temperature, and light sensor readings, and view logistical details. - A global map view lets you see the current location of all of your Cargo Signal shipments.- Prefer a list view? Scan your shipments by tracking number, or origin and destination.- See detailed map information for a single shipment, including origin, destination, planned route, current location, and location of all previous sensor readings along the route.- Get both temperature and light readings in an easy-to-understand graph that shows all sensor data over the duration of the shipment, allowing you to quickly see changes, highs and lows, and current readings. - Access shipment details for quick reference.If you're not a Cargo Signal customer, but are interested in learning more or obtaining a quote, please contact us at
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