XperienceLog - Aircraft Maintance Engineer Logbook

Either you are an aircraft engineer or a mechanic. Working for a world-renowned airline or a start-up aircraft company. Having a limited experience or a huge one. It does NOT matter any more.As of today, no more missing or limiting of your logs. You will have your own limitless personalized experience log database in your pocket. It is our one of a kind application on which you may keep a track almost all the time.Xperience Log mobile application has been developed for Aircraft Engineers by Aircraft Engineers like you.It has been developed keeping in mind what "time" means to you. Moreover your time management concerns are taken into consideration as well.We would like you to rate our app and help us develop it further by giving us feedback.Please note that with future updates of Xperience Log, you will have the opportunity to use your own company's Logbook provided that the Quality Management System keeps track of a revised copy of your log.Xperience Log offers discount sales for early birds, do not forget to take this advantage now! Join us, you will have unlimited support and updates!*CakmakBros*
Operating System Android