Brushfire is the leading event management solution for churches, ministries, and non-profits the world over! And now our re-imagined app allows you to cleanly and quickly manage all aspects of your event using your mobile device. With two modes that let you either interact with your attendees (manned mode) or let them them use the device directly (self-service mode), both you and your attendees are now more empowered than ever to make your event a success!In either mode, you can check-in attendees (and optionally print tickets, e-tickets, or name badges) on the day of your event, you can quickly re-register attendees for future events using existing information, you can change important details like the group of an attendee, or you can even register attendees/sell tickets to any upcoming event you are managing with Brushfire.All the features you need are literally at your fingertips with this latest cutting edge version!
Operating System Android