Blitz: Commission tracking

Blitz is the sales commission tracking software for accurate compensation plan management. Get the latest information about your sales commissions plans anytime, anywhere. Everything you need about Blitz in your pocket!Blitz groups your incentives in 3 categories:- Paid incentives: See how much you have been paid and reconcile these numbers with the deposits in your checking account.- Due incentives: Find out how much you will get paid on the next payroll cycle. - Forecasted incentives: Review the sales transactions that you need to close to earn new commissions or bonuses. If your company uses Blitz, this free app will help you see your performance by month, quarter or year. See how much you have generated and make sure your performance aligns with your personal and company goals.View the details of the sales transactions that generated your incentives. This will provide transparency and clarity on the commissions and bonuses that have been calculated by Blitz.Note: Your company needs to be a Blitz customer and they will need to assign you a user license before you can login to our free app.
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